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Old 11-30-2019, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by JDA_BTR View Post
I wonder if more people would go Garmin if the Database updates on the g3x were free. I get charging for the 650 but how many people skip the G3X over the databases?
Compared to most stuff in aviation, $149.00/yr seems insignificant. Just by observing the large number of new Garmin panels posted on FB by Stein and others, not sure that $149.00/yr is making much of an impact on sales.
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Old 11-30-2019, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Brantel View Post
It's not and the Garmin experimental products are very competitive compared apples to apples with the rest of the offerings on the market. Leave out the expensive certified IFR navigators/radios and the whole market is pretty much a wash between brands with very little delta between similar setups.
Bingo. Back in 2016 when I started pricing glass panel equipment I went in with the assumption that Garmin would always be more the expensive package as they are to 900 pound gorilla. I was astounded when I priced out similar configurations from different manufacturers, taking into account items that were options on one system that were included on others and leveling the playing field.... Garmin was slightly less than Dynon (but a wash in practical sense). I had to run the numbers again to confirm.

I would say if you plan to keep your RV forever then go with whichever system you prefer. Such as the prior post where someone went Dynon/AFS based on Oshkosh booth experience. I too have been to the Garmin booth only to talk to people in blue shirts who didn't know something from shinola. Frustrating to the point of just had to laugh.

Now, if you ever plan to sell your aircraft then there is no question G3X brings more resale value. At least at the time of this writing. I have seen it time an again where buyers jump on G3X without hesitation whereas there can be concern with any other brand equipment. It may not be fair but the used market is fickle and Garmin gets a big check mark from potential buyers, both certified and experimemtal.

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Old 11-30-2019, 12:35 PM
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All true. I went full Garmin in my 14A and it works really well. There are things I would change but not because something doesn't work!
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Old 12-01-2019, 04:37 AM
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Originally Posted by FasGlas View Post
Matt, USA MGL, is as good guy and very helpful, to a point, but can only swap parts.
Untrue. Matt helped us solve several problems including wiring, software setup, and RDAC setup, none of which involved swapping parts. If you want to truly know what it's like to "only swap parts", work as an avionics engineer for a major airline. Most fixes for a system problem involve taking out a black box and putting in a new one from the store. And if you reckon the manufacturers provide a free exchange unit out of the kindness of their hearts, you're living in a fantasy world. We are often spoiled in the experimental world. Really spoiled.

When we (ie, my current employer) had an Airbus with 300 passengers randomly pitch down from a stable cruise giving the pilots a "face-full" of water (they were over the ocean) and with enough force to cause some unseated passengers' heads to punch through the actual aircraft cabin ceiling, the cause was eventually isolated to a design software fault in an air data computer. Makes my erratic tach reading necessitating an RDAC replacement really look like an insignificant problem.

The others take the input and make their products better and add more features. MGL.. Not so much.
You gotta be kidding me if you think MGL doesn't fix bugs, improve things, and add more features. Take a look at the iEFIS firmware update page and the release notes for each update. Seriously, read them. I accept you've had a bad experience and are voicing it here. But it's not the experience of everyone by any stretch of the imagination.
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Old 12-01-2019, 03:32 PM
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Default MGL V6

I installed an MGL V6 radio in my -7 which first flew in 2014, 350 hrs ago. When I first received the unit, I wondered if I had received an empty box as the unit weighs only about 4 oz. and is very compact.

I did have a few problems initially which I finally traced to a noisy HID power supply. While I as trouble shooting that issue, Matt provided a replacement unit, but I really did not need it. For me, it is a great little radio and interfaces nicely with my Skyview. The V6 has been flawless in 350 hrs.

I am happy with this unit and MGL's service.

Warren RV-7
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