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Default Best oil for my Artificial Horizon?

Wondering what the recommendations would be for an oil for my Artificial Horizon?

For the last 8 yrs RV 4 it has shown a 5 deg bank to the left. Things are improving and now its showing about a 2 to 3 deg bank. Otherwise it appears to operate normal

I?m starting to do some Instrument training for VFROTT here in Canada and I would like to have this thing read properly. There is a new vacuum pump installed and I?m running 5.2? of vacuum so I?m sure that it?s the AH.

In the future I will look at installing AV 30 from AeroVonics.

But to get me through this I?m going to pull the AH, tear it apart and inspect it. Then put a drop or 2 of oil on each bearing and hopefully milk a little more life out of it.

I?m looking for some one that has had some experience with these and suggestions on the best oil to use.

I?m thinking sewing machine oil unless someone has a better suggestion?


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