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Originally Posted by motodave View Post
Very nice and clean build, QQ, what is the green, grey and black primers you are using? Not wanted to start a debate on prime or not to prime but I am priming some partners not all and find that everything I tried is very fragile to nicks etc. Thanks and good luck with your build... I'm working on tail cone and mid fuselage....
Thanks Dave!

As for the primers. Here we go. Where you see green it is Akzo found here.

The black is Jetflex L09028 interior paint on top of Akzo primer. The gray is Jetflex L09016 interior paint on top of Akzo.

The wingtips and anywhere else fiberglass is primed with Kirker Enduro Prime.

If you are going for primer I HIGHLY recommend Akzo. That stuff is super strong and sticks very very well to the aluminum.
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