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Originally Posted by BillSchlatterer View Post

BTW, generally OSA is a symptom/result of other health related issues not a causal factor in and of itself.

Just another random .02
Maybe, maybe not. Because OSA occurs so frequently in the obese and other thick necked individuals, it is commonly thought that obesity is the cause. That may be exactly correct for many, but probably not all, of the obese. Since OSA also occurs in normal weight, and thin pencil-necked individuals, it is possible that there are multiple causes of OSA. Or, on the third hand, it may be that some people have a predisposition for OSA that is exacerbated by gaining weight; much like some people have a predisposition for diabetes that is triggered by weight gain.

That said, it really doesn't matter which is the chicken; which is the egg. Even if it doesn't cause you to crash your plane, untreated OSA is deadly. If you think you might have it, get tested. If you know you have it, get it treated.

Jim Berry