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Some more work this past weekend. Riveted the ribs to the spars on the right wing, and put the top skins on for match drilling. Lots of holes I'm starting to realize! I find I will need more silver Cleco's....

Wife made some RV builder brownie's for the group of us, which powered us through the day. (there's a few of the local EAA Chapter members that I suspect like to escape Saturday honey-do's, to work on an RV)

Right wing in the holding jig:

Top Skins in place for drilling:

Then also more work on the top turtledeck. Finished match drilling at some new J-Stringers I had to re-make. Now just need to debur and dimple and the top skins can ne riveted later on. Wife says it looks like a porcupine. Turtles, porcupines, what other animals are in this plane she asks.

Here's the setup we made for dimpling, works OK.

Here's the crank from the 0320-D3G that we're preliminarily inspecting before sending out for full checks. People seem to have all kinds of trepidations about these hollow cranks, we're hoping that it's still serviceable. Advice to me has been, "If you don't have a crank, you don't have an engine". We'll see what happens.

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