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Willkommen in der Gruppe!

The -7 is a great machine, and most of us here have had no airplane building experience prior to starting our kits. The skills are easy to learn, especially if you can find a mentor builder to show you some early tricks. Any EAA chapters in Germany? You can't find a better and more helpful group of people anywhere. If you can take one of the intro to riveting classes, that would be great. I'm pretty handy, generally, but had no metalworking experience. A weekend class taught me so much. In lieu of a class, get Van's practice kits (mini wing and toolbox) and find a mentor. In a weekend, you'll be good to go! My 10 year old daughter, in fact, built the mini wing for a school project. She did great (with a little help from dad) and her quality was fantastic.

... and, you will find as you build what many wise builders have said before: "If you're feeling bad about the quality of your rivets, just go an look at a Cessna on the flightline. You'll instantly feel better" Very true!

Have fun.
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