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Originally Posted by N546RV View Post
Tonight I'm reading through a GPS175 install manual to wrap my head around the wiring requirements, which means...questions. Oh yes indeed.

Brief overview of my intended installation: EFIS will be a dual Skyview HDX system with the ARINC-429 interface box. The GPS will also be providing serial data to the Skyview transponder and an Artex ELT. No other Garmin stuff installed anywhere.

First, regarding the pinouts: it would appear that out of this monster 62-pin connector, I really only need a small handful of connections:

p#	description
20	ground
21	+12V
41	ground
42	+12V

61	ground (enable auto power on)

9	serial 1 out (to SV-ARINC-429)
8	serial 2 out (skyview xpdr)
7	serial 3 out (ELT)

5	ARINC 429 out 1A (to SV-ARINC-429)
6	ARINC 429 out 1B (to SV-ARINC-429)
27	ARINC 429 in 1A (to SV-ARINC-429)
28	ARINC 429 in 1B (to SV-ARINC-429)
This seems like a comically small usage, but most everything else seems like it'd pertain to driving analog instruments like a CDI. Does this seem right at a glance? Am I missing anything important?

Second, and sort of springing off #1, there are four pins for a "config module." Is this something required for all installations? Is this module included with the unit? As in, do I even have to care about this?

Appreciate any info.

Send me an email to, and I will send you a document that I made up with the complete wiring you need with pictures of the SkyView and Dynon configuration setups.


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