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I tightened the bolts at 25 hours and at nearly 100 hours I had 3 bolts loose.
Yes, I torqued them and i checked them at the 25 hour oil change, but not the inaccessible one. I erroneously assumed if it was covered up, it meant that access was not required therefore it would stay tight.

I think if you are getting ready to rtv your cooling shroud down, you should either:
1: wait for Vans to come up with a fix
2:moto- tool a slot that you can get a balldriver into to get to the left top screw. Then fiberglass a trough in so you can still get to the screw without leaking air.

If you wait till you get your engine in about the best you can do is rtv an aluminum cover.

I theorise that the tough steel of the engine mount might be as hard as the lockwashers and they don't get a good bite. Van's is so far against the blue medium strength locktite, but the technician at LEAF said it would work good and he recomended it. Without locktite, you need a short inspection interval.

I am not negative about this. With 400 RV-12s flying soon, we will be the largest fleet of new small airplanes, and any safety issues will be communicated on VAF.
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