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Originally Posted by Ralph Inkster View Post
One day I experienced severe turbulence which resulted in an oxygen bottle I though was securely stowed, break loose & partially go thru the canopy. The airflow took the broke out plexi pieces and dinted the vertical stab approx. 6" up from the base.
My point being, if the whole canopy were ever to be released in flight, where would it go? My unexpected experiment above suggests it would most likely take the whole vertical stab & rudder with it.
So- from my above experience, opening the canopy voluntarily in flight is not anything I would do...
I agree with you Ralph

The sliding canopy as designed, is meant to be functional and light weight.
With the way it can shake around during a ground run-up I would not be purposefully opening one in flight unless i was wearing a chute and was planning to use it.
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