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Update on the CPI2. After looking at the space available on the rear of the single piece design for all the connectors required and how to route all those traces aft on a narrow board, we decided to divide the panel display and the main board into 2 separate units. This will allow for more flexible mounting and make our design job much easier. I know many people were in favor of that layout anyway.

At this time, the panel display face is an octagonal with the major dimensions at 2.8 X 2.8 inches. Mounting screws penetrate the short 45 degree corners.

The display is a 12 X 2 LCD and we've done some cold temp and sunlight readability testing with white characters on a blue display which seems quite good overall. We want to do further testing on that one before we go ahead with it though.

We've also designed the backup battery tray which will be prototyped soon.

We're working through various software challenges but the display and surrogate keypad is working at about 98% so far. A few more minor things to solve then we'll be on to a prototype PCB after that. A couple new features will likely soak up a few weeks there before that can be produced and start full testing on the bench and our shop O-200 engine.

Fortunately the FF hardware and actual coil control software is all pretty much the same as before so that won't take any extra time.

There's not much to show so far except for 2 big breadboards and a sub board with a jungle of wires emanating outwards, connecting them. I'll be sure to post photos and videos when we get into the proto and testing stages.

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