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Originally Posted by Aggie78 View Post
Fentress Airpark, approximately 8nm southeast of KHYI. (San Marcos) XS90 in Airnav.

3000'+ hard surface, lit runway. Airnav says it's gravel but that's incorrect. Water and power are already in. Lots for sale all line the East side of the runway and are about 1 acre each.

Myself and another friend with an RV-8 own 2 lots each and there are 14 total in the development. Finalizing my hangar design and will start construction very soon.

PM me if you want more info.


Former 88R hangar owner
Hi Rob, it looks like we're neighbors. We closed yesterday on Lot 10. Is your lot the one that recently had the water meter installed?

We won't be building for a while but I'm very interested in what types of homes people are considering.
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