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Originally Posted by rwtalbot View Post
How are you attaching the gear to the shaft? Loctite 638 might be an option with interference fit, or is there still room for a grub screw? There must be a secure solution involving a minimum of machining. It looks like Dan may have used grub screws.
No grub screws for me. Both the trigger wheel and the bearing collar are a light press fit locked with ASME B18.8.2 split pins in double shear, 0.125"D.

The idea was to create a cartridge, a complete shaft assembly for insertion into the body. It is retained with a surface plate, rather than the internal snap ring chosen by Colin. An internal ring requires installing the trigger wheel after the fact.

All dimensions are nominal. Detail all bearing fits. Trigger wheel is a KSS1-36 from from

Usual caution; experimental, use at your own risk.
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