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Default Side Panels Installed!

I completed the installation of the side panels. I first want to say that the gang at Classic Aero knocked this out of the park. The kit is extremely well designed and fabricated and really makes the interior look great. I get why it took so long to plan and produce. Awesome product!

Although none of it is visible I took the time to debur and paint all of the various brackets and hardware prior to installation. One thing to mention is some of the parts were mislabeled. The labels indicated left or right but the part was actually for the other side. Not a big deal as it was pretty obvious where they were supposed to go. There were also some minor errors in the installation instructions which I sent to Jeremiah ant Classic Aero so they can make corrections.

I weighed the box when I got it, then re-weighed it with all the packaging and stuff that remained after the install (drill extension, drill bits etc.) The math came out to 8.4# added weight.

It is hard to get good pictures but here are a few. Now I just need my engine back!

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