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Originally Posted by Plummit View Post
Scott, what's the deal? Is this even being addressed at the factory?
Yes, it is.
It has been, and will continue to be the highest priority focus detail regarding QB quality.

Two things that I hope people will keep in mind while discussing this issue. (And before anyone accuses me of down playing any issue they might have had, I am not. Just stating facts that should be be kept in mind by those that are interested in the subject)

QB kits have been available for a loooong time (first one was delivered sometime in 1994/1995 time frame I think). That coupled with the fact that the average completion time of even a QB kit is a few years, makes it clear that an issue that someone encounters recently, can be in tanks that were completed many years ago.

A sample count of 20 in a poll, out of 500+ QB kits produced (just a guess, it is probably double that or more), is not in any way going to give a reasonable indication of what the leak rate in QB fuel tanks is. That coupled with the fact that in the world of the internet, anyone that has ever had a problem with something is always willing to talk about it to anyone that will listen..... those that were totally pleased with something, rarely say anything.
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