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Default RV 14 speeds

Thanks for the feed back.
Some numbers to get going. Needs fine tuning for sure.

Cruise: 23" MP/2300 RPM, Fuel flow 9 GPH. Flaps: minus 3 degrees.
Descending: MP 16"/2300.
Slowing to the pattern: MP 15"/2300/pitch for 110-120 kts then 95 kts.
Abeam the touch down: Throttle to idle, Pitch for 75 kts, Mix rich, Flaps to 15 degrees (as soon as under Vfe 100 kts) and feed the Throttle in to 1800 RPM, trim.
45 degrees: Prop full forward, Flaps to 30 degrees and start descending turn for base leg.
Power closed as RWY made. Fly 75 kts down to leveling out.
Take off: Flaps zero (15 degrees for short or grass), Mix full rich, Prop FWD, WOT. Pitch 12.5 degrees, Vy 95 kts.
Climb out: 25/2500 RPM, Flaps to zero.
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