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Originally Posted by RV6_flyer View Post
Forgot to mention, "Precision, Short, Soft-Field landings" are what I do almost all the time. If you do not do them, get proficient with them before OSH and be ready for a "go-around" just in case.
Make a few of those practice landings from a close right hand pattern, required for 27.

If sent to the second dot, clear the runway to the side as soon as practical.

Here's one for The Walk Of Shame. Practice. Don't be this guy.

You're looking at Rwy 27, Sunday morning a few years back. Cirrus 874T had been cleared to the orange dot, the first one at the threshold. He overflew too fast, tried to force it, bounced, and hit nose first. The gigantic inhalation from the lawn chair row drew my attention. Here's the first shot when I got the camera on him. He is about to make his third touchdown. Note the bent nose gear:

And here it is. Missed the orange dot, but he sure enough hit the green one.

The subsequent re-launch was severe.

But none the less, he pushes over for another try:

...until he finally notices the RV-9 in front of him...

...and adds power. He on the edge of a stall...

..but manages to miss.

The folks in that RV-9 are Roy and Sandy Thoma (Capt Sandy). Roy had landed on the green dot as directed, and (thankfully) started for the runway edge as soon as practical, expecting to turn off into the south side grass right past the stuck Lancair. That's smart, and another OSH training habit worth developing. Don't brake heavily, but do clear the runway ASAP.
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