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Default My fix

I am going to order a new rear window. It will be easy enough to install as the last item. There is no way I could stomach installing the cracked window. If I get the same crack after 100 hours of flying I am sure it would be a different story and I would just stop drill, glue and fly on, but not for an initial install.

My tentative plan for a fix is to drill the #36 holes in the rollbar to #30, countersink and plug with a CS4 Rivet. I will drill new pilot holes #52 or smaller in the roll bar between the existing sets. This will allow me to get correct edge distance on my screws and install like normal. I think if I tried to match drill the new canopy into the existing holes I could probably get it to work but inevitably each screw being a little off would stress the window. This will make sure that the fitment, and more importantly, holes match perfectly between rollbar and rear window if I can pull it off on the second try. I will buy a much higher quality 6/32 tap. I will go slower and back out every few turns to make sure its cutting easily. Once I have match drilled #36 I will tap the holes with canopy off using an aluminum jig to keep my holes straight instead of a $500+ canopy! I haven't drilled the skins yet so that will be a normal match drill.

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