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If you want to stay east of much of the terrain, including the Grand Canyon, you may consider flying southeast over/through the Spanish Fork canyon area then turning immediate southward and continuing over Manti. At Salina-Gunnison (44U), follow I-70 Eastward through some high terrain, then turn south toward Page and then Tuba City then on to Flagstaff. I have flown a similar route several times in my Cherokee 180C from KTYL to SPK (Spanish Fork). I just make sure I'm sufficiently high before I fly through the Spanish Fork canyon. This may not be the most direct route for you, but it's an option. I used to fly over Bryce Canyon then follow most of highway 89, but the above route is a bit more direct for me from KTYL.
As long as the weather is good, take O2 and fly direct! Or South to SGU, Through one of of the corridors over Grand Canyon, and then Direct.
Or South to Richfield, over Bryce to Page, and then direct to FLAG.
Or East to Price then down Capital Reef to Monument Valley and then South west to Flag.
They are all nice and very doable in an RV.
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