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Originally Posted by airguy View Post
That's a judgement call - you want low friction, there is no such thing as no friction. If you have a little binding action there the autopilot servos will be continually bitching about trim as they fight it.

I had mine adjusted perfectly prior to paint - then after I had it painted and reassembled (their A&P, not me), I quickly noticed that the autopilot was not happy and started investigating. Took me a couple hours to get the spacing washers back the way they were prior to it going to the paint shop - they clearly paid no attention to that on disassembly.
I agree about the judgement call. My setup has no palpable resistance when I manually move it and it will continue to move if I let go under its own momentum but it doesn?t free fall all the way to the low point if i don?t impart some small amount of energy. I am satisfied with this.
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