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Default Thompsonville Michigan

I didn't know it existed either until yesterday. It's in the middle of nowhere but right next to a ski and golf resort in the middle of northern Michigan. Wife and I were looking for something to do this holiday weekend and discovered a 10K run being held at Crystal Mountain resort. Yup, right next to Thompsonville airport. We could drive about 2+ hours each way or take the RV and get there to the airport in 30 minutes plus a 15 minute walk. Hmmm, fire up the RV!

7:00 AM and a beautiful silky morning to be in the air.

All systems go! Sorry it's little fuzzy, cell phone photo.

Wife likes it smooth too.

Thompsonville is a very rustic / primitive airport but the runway is recently paved and it is about 1 mile from the resort and the start of the 10K run.

An easy 15 minute walk from the RV and we are at the front entrance to the resort. Really nice place and a REALLY NICE GOLF CORSE too. Make a note to myself, Will golf clubs fit in a 7?

More to come
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