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Originally Posted by EarthX Lithium View Post
Hello Alex,

Sorry about your frustration with your battery box purchase for your RV-14a and we will update the website with a table to try and make it easy and clear which battery box will work with the Van?s stock battery box that will match the hole pattern provided with Van?s kits.

The RV-12, RV12is, RV-14 and RV-14a have a stock 3-sided battery box with flanges to the inside of the box and a different hole pattern. You do not need to change the battery box to use an EarthX battery with this box. (ETX680, ETX900, ETX900-VNT, ETX1200 all fit) We do however have a new lightweight battery box that is available by mid-November that will be called BB-MU2, that has the exact same hole pattern of the stock 3-sided battery box that comes with the above-mentioned aircraft. It will retail for $89.

The RV-3, 4, 6, 6a, 7, 7a, 8, 8a, 9, 9a and RV-10 have a stock 4-sided steel battery box with the flanges to the outside, in our opinion, the EarthX batteries (ETX680, ETX900, ETX900-VNT, ETX1200) do not fit as they are about 5mm too wide. If you have this box, you would need to change it out. The BB-MU has the same hole pattern as the stock 4-sided battery box for an easy swap.

So to summarize:

? The BB-MU has the same hole pattern as the stock Vans battery box that is 4-sided steel with flanges that are on the outside of the box. Disclaimer: if modified/ customized, we do not know if it will fit.

? The new to be released in mid-November 2019 is the BB-MU2. This new design is based on the stock Van?s 3-sided battery box for the RV12, RV12iS, and the RV14/RV14a with flanges that are on the inside of the box. Disclaimer: if modified/customized, we do not know if it will fit.

Hope this helps clarify things. As always, please don?t hesitate to reach out to EarthX is you have questions! We can be reached at

Great, thanks for these details. I appreciate that you'll soon post a table to your website, and likewise that the return process for my BB-MU is going smoothly. (Part of the confusion when ordering was that the box that comes with the RV-14A is technically "4-sided," since one can consider the back, left, right and bottom as four sides).

I was looking forward to using an EarthX battery in my -14A, so it is nice to know that the stock box will work with the four batteries you mentioned. However, please post again when the new BB-MU2 is available for purchase.

Alex C.
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