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Originally Posted by snopercod View Post
Read the Lancair report linked above. It's all in there.
Originally Posted by rv7charlie View Post
The linked articles are RV-specific, and my responses were intended to be RV-specific. Guess I shouldn't have made the reference to doors on certified planes (only mentioned to demonstrate that pilot distraction is more likely than aero issues in an RV).

Sorry :-)

Reading the Lancair report, there was report of pilots of an RV7 that tested the canopy release effects, speeds and pitching. It said that pitch could be affected by pushing it up or pulling it down from a stabilized position. It seemed directly relevant to the topic.

On my fitting of the tip up (-7), I struggled with the design intent. The fitting has to be near perfect between loose and too tight. I did two things, fitted stiff rubber stops to define the "down" condition, then adjusted the latch force to get both sides to latch at the same time. Even a soft rail seal is too much to compress with the flexible latching system, and the bar flexes (torsion) allowing one side to latch but not the other. It could certainly use some design improvement, but IMO it can be fitted to latch well with some attention, and judgement.

On a side note, ensuring the plexiglass at the rear corners had 1/8" clearance to the roll bar base angles, and fitting the stops saved my bacon when the garage door hit the open canopy and closed it for me. Only minor scratches and no damage, except to my underwear.

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