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Default Auto Fuel and EMag

O-320 parallel valve with 8.5:1 pistons running mostly non-ethanol 91oct pump gas. My regiment involves one tank auto and one tank 100LL. I take-off and climb out on 100LL, cruise and descent on auto (normally 1hr flight), and switch back to 100LL for landing. All this, from my reasoning, give me better margin regarding detonation and vapor lock in critical flight phases.

I'm just about to install my first Emag and wondering if I need to retard the A curve slightly using the "clocking" method.

I'm guessing using the above technique I could get away with the B curve, but not sure if I should take any chances on pump gas considering the potential risk of accidentally taking off on auto fuel tank. Given this scenario should I stick with the standard A or do I need to retard even further?
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