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I've been continuing to expand my personal minimum envelope and have gotten a fair amount of actual in the last 6 months in the process, pretty much every time the weather was "Ducks ain't even going up..." I was at the hangar doing a preflight.

So today was complete junk in the west Texas area, and predictably I was going flying. I managed to get 1 legitimate real missed approach at 300/1 minimums on the RNAV 25 at KMDD, then a couple breakouts at about 100-200 feet above minimums at KODO and KMAF, and another breakout just above minimums to full stop at KMDD.

We stopped for a bit to recycle a cup of used coffee, then filed IFR to KSJT for lunch and shot an ILS down to legit minimums at 200/1, and that was probably the most fun of all.

After lunch we did an IFR departure and the weather was clean at home so we cancelled halfway and proceeded to have fun. Life is good.

I've managed to work myself down to real minimums, and even legit missed approaches at minimums, and feel good about it. I'm ahead of the airplane and ready for the Plan B/Plan C decision and I'm having more fun doing it than should be legal. Why didn't I do this 10 years ago???
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