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Originally Posted by bjdecker View Post
On MAP irregularities: I know Van's provides "restricted" AN fittings for the Oil Pressure and Fuel Pressure -- didn't know about the MAP.

If you are using the parts that came in the IE VMP install kit, those are not sufficient to damp out the pulses seen in the MAP when connected to the #3 intake port.

You will need OMEGA Engineering Snubber or similar damping between the #3 intake port and the MAP sender ( Or, drill/tap another hole in the intake manifold and use that for the MAP source.
I installed the Van's-supplied restrictor for MAP on #3 cylinder per the plans, connected to a Dynon-provided MAP XDCR, and it's been rock-solid for 700+ hours on a stock IO-360-M1B. (ETA BTW, that part you reference is steel, which tends to gall when used in aluminum parts).
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