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Exclamation Landing light pulsing mechanism

Does the Land Light Pulse setting on the Land Light switch include the necessary 'gizmo' to cause the lights to pulse -OR- do I need to add a pulse/strobe type 'gizmo' into the wiring to make the light pulse?

I ask this because I don't have landing lights in my RV-12 but I want to add a bright LED (possibly locating it in or near the air intake area) to help make my aircraft more visible to others in the air. I think a pulsing light will be far more likely to catch the eye of another airborne pilot than a steady light. My intention is to wire the LED into the Land Light switch.

I'm of the firm view that the more I can do to help make my RV-12 visible to others the less chance there is of a mid-air collision or near-miss.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Oophda
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