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Originally Posted by Jetguy View Post
Yes that's what he's saying. For ADSB-in you will need to add a GDL39 at some point. They show up periodically in the classifieds. There is one there now. Garmin products are proprietary and don't play well with other non Garmin stuff.
I found this out when I converted my 12 from D-180/Garmin 496 to SkyView/Dynon GPS. The Garmin SL40 communicated with the 496 and would grab frequencies automatically from the 496 data base. When you were in the vicinity of an airport the frequencies would be available by punching the SL40 RCL button and you could scroll thru them in the standby window with the right hand knobs. Real handy. Now with SV, the Garmin GTX200 will not share the Dynon GPS data base so I have lost that feature with my upgrade. Not complaining really, the GTX200 is a nice radio with excellent intercom and other features. Just saying...if you want to maintain full functionality of the SL40 radio you need a hardwired Garmin GPS.

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