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Originally Posted by moosepileit View Post
Dan, does your GPS WAAS position source have a way to power up and get a lock before you power up your transponder and GDL-82?
No. I'm using the GDL-82's supplied GPS receiver.

Doing so gives the GDL-82 the fastest chance to create the self-assigned anonymous ICAO number. It comes from position and gps clock.
If your previous notes are correct, each line in the .csv output file represents one second. I'll try to confirm independently, but if true, the "real ID" broadcast writes four lines before generating a random ICAO code, i.e. lasts about 4 seconds. Here is the file from an Excel screenshot:

This was recorded inside a south facing hangar with the door open. I'll push outside and see if it makes any time difference.

Air mode change from ground may be the cue to actually be anonymous, also.
As you can see, it changes to anonymous sitting still in the hangar, but it's not anonymous at start up.

Next up is to see if (1) it broadcasts real ID when powered up in parallel with a transponder in "STANDBY", and if not, (2) does it transmit real ID when the transponder switches from STBY to ALT.
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