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kevinh 12-09-2012 11:10 PM

Hey Bill - Looks good. I finished building my 7A in 2005 and it is now based in San Carlos. If you ever need to borrow a tool or look at structure, feel free to call me.

Nihon_Ni 12-10-2012 06:52 AM

Nicely done! I took that same picture about 2 months ago and I am loving the journey.

longranger 12-10-2012 11:46 AM

Congratulations on starting your journey, Bill! I squeezed the first rivets on my -7 eight days short of a year ago. Almost 650 hours in the shop later, I'm about 75-80% through slow build wings, currently building ailerons.

You're building 74152? Mine is 74023. That's 129 empennage kits in less than a year; MORE than one every three days! IRCC, my wing spar serial numbers are somewhere north of 3500 so about 85% of RV-7's are getting to the wing stage.

If you ever find yourself down around KTSP, let me know!

beav 12-10-2012 03:33 PM

Hi Bill,

I'm close to finishing my RV-7 in San Jose, CA. If you ever need some help or want to stop by and check out the build, let me know.

I've kept a fairly detailed blog up at

wjb 12-11-2012 08:02 PM

Hi Kevin .. thanks! I look forward to the help/encouragement. Is the plane in a hangar or on the ramp? I fly with WFVC right now.

wjb 12-11-2012 08:04 PM


Originally Posted by beav (Post 724068)
Hi Bill,

I'm close to finishing my RV-7 in San Jose, CA. If you ever need some help or want to stop by and check out the build, let me know.

I've kept a fairly detailed blog up at

Thanks Jason ... right back at 'cha; I'm always happy to lend a hand as well. Keep buildin!

Daniel S. 12-12-2012 07:38 AM

Mile's I'm right on your tail... Mine is 74076 started in March of this year (2012) & I'm working on the tanks. It seems to go really fast (except for the prepping of all the wing ribs)!!! It's awesome to see the wave of new builders!

Congrats! keep it up and you'll have a whole tail to store in no time... about 150 hours if you do the fiberglass along the way:cool:

wjb 03-03-2013 05:31 PM

Elevator horn height challenged...
Hi Folks,

This will warrant a call to the mother ship, but I wanted to see if anyone else had some experience with this.

I'm nearly done with the empennage (I did riblets, thank you very much!) and am fitting the elevators to the HS. The fit up went well and everything is in good alignment and ooh so smooth, however, I found that the elevator horns are not stacking up to the same height. See photo:

One horn is about 0.2" lower than the other. Anyone else see this on their bird? is this a tolerance issues on the horns, or something else? I'm not sure it would actually make much difference one everything drilled and bolted together, but it took me a bit by surprise.

Thanks much,


BPoletti 03-04-2013 01:38 PM

It looks like more than just the horns being out of alignment. Looks like the entire assemblies are off / mounted on a different axis plane.

wjb 06-30-2013 09:59 PM

Why I build...
There are hundreds of reasons why I build .. but, this is another:

My favorite spam can .. a Warrior, that it turns out that it's the one I did my check ride in ... is a rental. On each of my last four flights, I had to squawk something .. nav lights out, landing light inop, landing light inop; breaker blows. The latest, the wire to the top plug on cyl #2 was loose .. very loose.... did not fly; don't know how well other 7 wires are torqued (and the plug wires looked a bit too long in the tooth)

At least, when I fly my bird, she will meet my standards when I launch. Everything as I think it should be, or I'll fix it before I fly.

One of the best privlidges we have as a builder is that we get to maintain our planes to our standards, so that when we fly, the plane is configured the way we want, running the way we want, and flying the way we want.

<end soapbox>

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