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ArlingtonRV 10-14-2019 09:50 PM

RV-8 and the Richland Run
Friday 10/11/19 was a really nice day in the Northwet. We were between rain systems, the air was smooth, calm, and clear. The winds aloft were forecast to be light making it a perfect day to head over the mountains. It was very smooth the whole trip, even right up against the mountains.

We did hit a few bumps right over the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, probably no big deal. I just can't figure out what that glow around the wings was.

On the way home we flew over Grant County Airport in Moses Lake, one of several places that Boeing is parking the 737 Max's that they can't deliver. You hear on the news and read about all of the airplanes parked, but until you see them it doesn't really sink in. That is a lot of airplanes. I counted at least 130, maybe as many as 150.

Snoho3 10-15-2019 09:37 AM

Was a great day indeed. I ended up driving over Stevens Pass, but was kicking myself that I didn?t fly. Re the 737 Max - haven?t overflown Moses Lake since the debacle started, but Boeing is still pumping them out at 42 per month. At roughly 50 million a copy, that?s a lot of $$ sitting on the deck. Ouch.

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