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Greenley 06-29-2020 09:15 AM

Love my big screens
Saturday evening I flew from SW MI to SW TN to pick up a sister-in-law and niece to help prepare for a family wedding. It was an IFR flight and I was so thankful for the big beautiful screens. I have never made so many diversions for weather during a flight. While I do count on ATC to help with current weather conditions, even with the delays ADSB helps to much with having a picture of what is happening. With the combination I was able to stay well clear of trouble spots. The direct flight home however did have a detour almost to St Louis, added 200 nm to the trip of normally 450 nm. Would not have been able to do this with my 172. Here a few pics I snapped during the flight.

Bavafa 06-29-2020 10:35 AM

I used to have two 6" screens (GRT) which I loved them and when people were going with the bigger screens, I wondered why.

Now I have two 10" screens and now I understand why. I have a IPAD but hardly ever use it in flight and the big screen, coupled with less sensitive control of the RV14, makes IFR flying easier.

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