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recapen 02-03-2017 07:53 AM

NavWorx tech issues - help each other

I know there are at least a couple of us out here with NavWorx equipment with non-AD related technical issues...while waiting for NavWorx to respond to our technical issue help requests, we should attempt to help each other.

To that end, I have a 6A with a NavWorx ADS600B -13 connected to a 430W, SL-70, and MX-20...

My unit displays "Ready for Flight" and "TX/RX Error", while not actually working. The "TX/RX Error" only showed up after I was able to get the transmitter turned on...which required installation of an older version of software as the "Activate Transmitter" feature had been removed from later software versions - then upgrading to the latest required software.

All of the other attached equipment in my environment appears to be working properly and communicating with the ADS600B -13 unit.

I can offer my environment to help test other folks units that are having technical issues. I would also request that others make available their working environment to test our non-working equipment in as well as known-good equipment for testing in our environment. Since we have some time before the 2020 mandate and don't know the NavWorx ongoing support status - this is most likely our best solution...aside from abandoning the NavWorx hardware and repurchasing an alternate solution.

Thanks for your collective consideration,

krhea 02-03-2017 09:53 AM

Navworx tech issues

I am not qualified to help your situation in any way that I know of.

I had my own problems with my ads600b -0012. They were of my own doing.

First I managed to buy a TT21 transponder when I should have bought a TT22.
That TT21 is sold and in the hands of someone that can install it and be compliant. A Sandia STX165R is going in shortly.

I also have an MGL IEFIS Explorer light. My error is in not knowing and not finding that in the Transponder control from the Iefis that altitude data (Barometric altitude) is transmitted in that serial control. So I had another serial port set up to transmit Icarus altitude data to a serial port on the Navworx. 2 sources of bar altitude data.

I think I finally have a better grasp of my installation but I have spent a lot of time going over the myriad of manuals to arrive at what I hope to be a working system.

Maybe we ought to have a Navworx fly-in just to learn and discuss these sort of issues.

What really got me to concentrate on my installation was a Call from the FAA which in essence was to let me know that my barometric altitude was intermittent, he even sent me the Google earth files. I think understand where the altitude stops. If I turned the TT21 off, then the Navworx would get passing results. So maybe in replacing the transponder I can get some good scores and not be concerned with that.
No I did not have suppression connected, I thought the Iefis controlled that?

I would help any way I can.


Keith Rhea
RV7 250 hours in 26 months( 24 months to build)
2017 dues paid

Mike S 02-03-2017 09:59 AM


Originally Posted by recapen (Post 1147170)

I know there are at least a couple of us out here with NavWorx equipment with non-AD related technical issues...while waiting for NavWorx to respond to our technical issue help requests, we should attempt to help each other.

Great idea, gonna make this thread a "Sticky" so it will be easy to find in the future.

recapen 02-03-2017 10:15 AM

Thanks...To Mike for making this a sticky...until NavWorx starts answering their phones and e-mails, I think user collaboration is our best next steps!

Keith, once you get yours working consistently, I would like to send you my -13. The main difference is mine has ARINC - if I recall, they both have "non-tso'd" GPS in them. If you don't mind putting it in your plane and configuring it like yours and let me know if you get the same "TX/RX Error" message that I get....that should tell me that it is the NavWorx box and not my environment. Let me know if you're OK with this...and when! Mine's not working meanwhile anyway - due to something that my initial conversation with Bill Moffitt needed to be cleared...he provided some tests to perform which did not change the outcome.

krhea 02-03-2017 10:30 AM

Navworx tech issues
Ok by me, will let you know in a couple of weeks, new transponder cert set for week of Feb 13?



rzbill 02-03-2017 06:27 PM

I have a NavWorx ADS600-BG (not affected by AD) running to a GRT EFIS display.

When I have the system set to show Metars, no matter how hard I press on the screen, I can't get the airports shown as IFR to change to VFR.

krhea 02-07-2017 04:39 PM

Good adsb performance report
I finally got my new transponder installed and set up only to find out after about 6 hours of head scratching that I had crossed TX-TX and RX-RX for the transponder control to the Navworx. Once that got fixed, had a good configuration and a "Ready for Flight" so I took off did a short 30 minute flight up the east side of Wichita at 5500 feet and got a good report with only a .069% errors on flight ID.

Keith Rhea
RV7 0-320 Catto prop, MGL, Navworx, Sandia
Paid 2017.

recapen 02-17-2017 07:11 AM

To krhea for his assistance in verifying that my unit has an internal technical issue. I sent my box out to him, he installed it in his known-good environment...and got the same issues that I experienced in my airframe.
He took a bunch of screen pictures and my unit will be on its way back to me soon.

I have sent another request to NavWorx with this update requesting assistance.
I'll let everyone know when I get a response - although I expect it won't be until after the AD or another official notice from the FAA is published.

Again thanks - and my offer to help others still stands!

recapen 02-17-2017 09:59 AM

I just got a note from Bill with an RMA number for my unit!
Things are happening again!

JohnAJohnson 03-03-2017 03:41 PM

Two problems with the ADS600-B (-013 ARINC)...

1. I never could get the Transmon to reliably send Mode 3A and BARO ALT to the ADS600-B. 25 PAPRRS and all but one had errors for both, usually greater than 30%. After swapping EVERYTHING, and rewiring completely, I installed an encoder with an RS232 out and fed BARO ALT directly to the ADS600-B, and sent the squawk code directly from my GTX327 to the ADS600-B. Removed Transmon, and it has performed flawlessly since. The Transmon is not as reliable as a direct connection and in my case, on my airplane, it just flat would not work reliably and was not a viable option. To elaborate, I tried everything, including swapping the Transmon, ADS600-B box, Transponder (GTX327), Transponder antenna, and running new RG400, relocating the transponder antenna, and rewiring the entire system, including installing new pins, and replacing the Transmon USB cable. All, no help.

2. Display 2 will not output TIS-B. I initially installed a Bluetooth Adapter on Display 1, and the Navworx WIFI Adapter on Display 2. No matter what, I couldn't get traffic out of the WIFI on Display 2. I talked to Navworx and was assured that if the Console showed traffic in the log, it is going to all three Display Ports. But I'm here to tell you that Display 2, while outputting FIS-B just fine, is not getting TIS-B. A software bug. There are a few of us that have found this out the hard way and if enough of us tell Bill about it, he might start believing it. To get around the problem, I had to install a selector switch. Here's how I ended up wiring the system:

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