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n74846 05-12-2019 07:54 AM

Adding the Rudder Trim Tab
I am flying a legacy 12 (2014) that I did not build. I am adding the optional trim tab kit to a newly built rudder to replace the original rudder(a whole other story). I notice a pre-bent angle in the tab. Is this the recommended start point or should the tab be straightened and deflected as needed later? Thanks!

DHeal 05-12-2019 08:23 AM

I installed the trim tab as received from the factory and the angle was dead-on perfect for torque compensation. I have not had to adjust it since installation.

Tacco 05-12-2019 02:10 PM

Same here.

DaleB 05-12-2019 02:51 PM

Me three. Didn?t need to adjust it at all.

n74846 05-12-2019 06:44 PM

Thanks for the re-assurance!

Piper J3 05-12-2019 07:40 PM

Agree that Van's trim tab angle is correct for high-speed level cruise. You will need a couple of pounds of force on right rudder peddle in climb and lightly rest your foot on left rudder peddle in glide to keep ball centered.

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